What to Do About Algae In Your Pond

About Algae Some algae is essential to an ecosystem, providing food for all types of animals including fish, insects, mollusks, and zooplankton (microscopic animals). A pond that is green and slimy with algae is a sign that the ecosystem is unbalanced. In fact, algae can serve as a visual indicator in pond management – the […]

Simple Joy of Tending and Alberta Pond

You can just fall in love with the land and the water. The pond can just pull you in, almost make the buying decision for you. This blog post is the story of Geoff Gosling’s pond, and the first thing he will tell you about the pond is that when the property was being considered, […]

Off Grid Aeration and Solar Aeration

Alberta built solar-powered aeration systems Smoky Trout Farm has been custom building off-grid solar aeration for our customers for over seven years. We’ve learned a lot in that time. Our designs have components and features to deal with the reality of mother nature in Alberta. Every pond has something unique, whether that is the depth, […]

No License. No Fish. No Exceptions

Get your Alberta Fish Culture License Everyone who stocks trout in their pond in Alberta must be a current holder of an Alberta Fish Culture Licence. In order to ensure that anyone buying fish from us has a valid license we must see the license. You can either bring in a copy of your license when […]

How To Grow Large Rainbow Trout

How to catch a 22 lb rainbow trout from your own pond The secret to exceptional trout is fish feed. Being able to raise trout year-round with oxygenation and aeration is necessary. But to really hit trophy-size trout, fish feed is the answer. The images below are Smoky Trout Farm trout that were stocked into […]

Get the Muck Outta Here

Reducing and preventing sludge build-up in your pond can be challenging Just about everyone has taken a step into apparently shallow water only to sink in brown goo. That brown goo is muck or sludge, formed over time as organic nutrients accumulate in your pond. If it is knee deep near the shore you can […]

Fish Kills, Foul Odors and Algae Blooms

Understand fish kills It’s distressing to see your fish die, even more so when your stock succumbs en masse. The most common causes of fish kills is a sudden change in water temperature and or not enough oxygen. The mechanism most likely driving these two fish-threatening conditions is stratification leading to a pond turnover. What […]

Create Opportunities to Fish

This is the story of how the Red Deer Fish and Game Club built a sustainable and exceptional fishery. With some planning and patience, the Red Deer Fish and Game Association (RDFGA) has achieved an excellent fishery in their West Lake of the club property, with diverse fishing opportunities for their members. In addition to […]

Fish Stocking News in 2020

In 2020 we sent a press release to some of our regional media folks letting them know how in the middle of COVID, there have never been more opportunities for Albertans to catch a fish. And that’s important because there’s been a 30 percent bump in the number of Albertans purchasing fishing licenses this year. […]

Three Season Feeding for Your Rainbows and Browns

How to Feed Stocked Trout in Spring, Summer, and Fall If you’re curious about feeding your Rainbow Trout or Brown Trout, here are some handy guidelines about what you can generally expect during the season. Early spring: Fish are coming out of dormancy. Feed a little every other day and watch for rising. Feed until […]

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