How To Grow Large Rainbow Trout

How to catch a 22 lb rainbow trout from your own pond

The secret to exceptional trout is fish feed.
Being able to raise trout year-round with oxygenation and aeration is necessary. But to really hit trophy-size trout, fish feed is the answer.
The images below are Smoky Trout Farm trout that were stocked into our customer Richard’s ponds.

Richard’s secret?
He feeds them.
He feeds them premium quality feed.
He feeds them twice a day.

EWOS Pacific Premium Grower Diet $87 / 44 lb bag

Peak growth rates are only achieved from using high quality ingredients based on the latest research. CLICK HERE for more details.

Automated and solar feeders

Ask us about the latest solar-powered automatic fish feeders. Cost effective and reliable, fish feeders ensure consistent feed for your stock.

We have models that can be programmed to feed less often in the days before you want to drop a line in the water. This is ideal for when you want more strikes on your line.

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