Off Grid Aeration and Solar Aeration

Alberta built solar-powered aeration systems

Smoky Trout Farm has been custom building off-grid solar aeration for our customers for over seven years. We’ve learned a lot in that time. Our designs have components and features to deal with the reality of mother nature in Alberta. Every pond has something unique, whether that is the depth, the shape or the nutrient load. Our team adapts your solar aeration system to your needs.

Give us a call about solar. We can help you determine the number of panels, correct configuration and your properly sized system. We’ll even let you know if it costs less to install a power line if that is an option and the minimum payback time on your solar aeration system.

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Off grid aeration: The wind doesn’t always blow, but the sun often shines

The wind doesn’t always blow during the longest hottest days of July and August which is when aeration is most important.
When the wind is blowing it the surface action naturally aerates the water so the aeration system is working when it is least needed.
Maintenance is challenging, requiring the removal of the cumbersome, heavy head.
Complex assembly, usually requiring multiple people.

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