Stock Your Pond with Top Quality Trout

A Good Day Fishing

We have trout for your pond, for all your reasons:

  • Sport fishing for you, your family and friends
  • A reliable source of heart-healthy fish for your dinner table
  • Reduce freshwater shrimp and insect larvae clogging your irrigation intake screens
  • Fewer mosquitoes with active aeration (oxygen) system
  • Create a more balanced and healthy pond ecosystem
  • Actively manage clean water for livestock watering
  • Predatory bird watching
  • Potential increase in land resale value

A bad day fishing is better than just about anything else.

In 2024, you can select from three different species based on your preferences and preferences.

Rainbow Trout | Brook Trout | Tiger Trout

Our fish are sized by weight. Fish grown at different temperatures and feed rates will have different proportions. Our facility has excellent growing conditions to produce healthy trout; the age of the fish in our annual growing cycle means there is natural variation. We produce based on weight and offer our fish on length for ease of measurement.

We pride ourselves on having a VERY HIGH repeat customer rate. Many of our customers pre-order fish for the following year when taking delivery or picking up their fish order.

Alberta Fish Culture License

You must have your government-issued Alberta Fish Culture License prior to pick up.

Grown For You

With the increasing inflation costs, our 2024 prices did go up by 5% over our 2023 pricing.

Hauling Fish

Options for hauling your fish home safely.

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