Fish Order Form 2023

In this form, tell us about how many and the size of fish you want to order.
And, if you have a fish license. We’ll invoice you when you either pick up your fish or have them delivered.

Delivery is subject to minimum order size and an additional charge. If you haven't picked up fish before, don't worry. It's simple and we'll teach you everything you need to know.
Spring and Fall Stocking Lists

Spring stocking is perfect for May and June delivery - especially once your fields or yard is dry. Growth rates depend on temperature, water quality and the amount of feed.

Fall stocking is available for larger Rainbows, Brook Trout, and Tiger Trout. Extra barn time is required for each of these. Fall stocking season is the second week of September to around Thanksgiving - weather dependent.

Due to the shortage of eggs, Brown Trout are not available in 2023.
Please note the following:
1. You need to select your order season above. If you would like spring and fall pickups - please select Spring 2023 and Fall 2023.

2. We do not require deposits on orders and we invoice upon pickup/delivery. If you decide you do not want your order, we appreciate the kindness of letting us know.

3. All orders receive a personal confirmation email from a team member. We strive to give you great service and appreciate your patience as we get back you.
Rainbow Trout
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Brook Trout
Tiger Trout
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Pond Condition & Water Quality
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